How To Get The Best Rates On Automobile Insurance In Oklahoma

Before you can register any automobile in Oklahoma you have to present an insurance verification form that shows that you have liability coverage. Finding the best rate on automobile insurance in Oklahoma can be a challenging endeavor unless you are prepared and know which, if any discounts, you are eligible for.

A standard insurance policy will offer several different types of coverage that is designed to aid you should you be in a motor vehicle accident. Medical is one of those types of coverage that most people automatically assume they need. You may not though if you already have a health insurance plan in place. Review your health insurance policy or check with your health insurance agent to see if you have injury coverage. If you do, you can forego that part of your automobile insurance policy and that will immediately save you money.

Many people buy memberships in auto clubs because of the roadside assistance they provide. If you are a member of a car club and it provides for towing service after an accident, you can have that removed from your automobile insurance policy too. Again, this will help you to enjoy a much better rate than you would otherwise.

Anti-theft devices are really helpful if you have a concern that your car or truck may be stolen or broken into. If you’ve paid to have a car security system installed, mention this to your automobile insurance agent. Many companies offer a discount for safety devices like this and it can lower your premiums while keeping your car more secure.

If you already have auto insurance and you’ve got a great track record behind the wheel ask about a renewal discount. Automobile insurance companies are fond of clients who are great drivers and they may offer a reduced rate just to keep their business. It is well worth asking about this a few weeks or a month before the policy comes up for renewal.

Are You Making the Amount of Money You Want? Are You Able to Keep it Too?

Not a day goes by that we do not see advertising or SPAM for some get rich quick program, video, CD or book. Indeed, how to succeed or make money books are a dime a dozen and at a used garage sale don’t laugh, I have actually seen them in boxes marked “Free – take as many as you want!” Nevertheless, every once in a while a book on personal finances or making money hits the spot.

No, I am not saying that you should spend every waking hour thinking about money, but you had better have a plan if you want to live a good life and have enough money to live comfortably. As they say money does not grow on trees, nor are you going to win the lottery.

“Creating Money” by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

This book takes a holistic approach to money making. It starts by asking the reader what it is that they want to do, what they like, what they want out of life itself for instance. For some this book may sound pretty hokey, but in a philosophical sort of sense, it makes cents, which if you are careful add up to dollars towards your affirmation, dreams and goals. Well, it’s that sort of book. Indeed, and of course, it is not all that easy and you cannot expect the heavens to suddenly open up and rain $100 bills, but using this approach with a little monetary savvy, you can get from here to there, if that is where you are deemed to go. Where do you learn a little bit of monetary savvy? Well how about this book:

“Money Confidential – secrets of Financial Security in Tricky Times” 1997.

Now then, it is my contention that you become more acquainted with money and stop wasting it, start saving and start leveraging it for your own benefit. It helps to be psychologically and emotionally balanced when it comes to money. Maybe you should start today and read up on it a bit?